Prices & Performance

Quarterly Age-Based
as of September 30, 2021
APYYTD Returns
at NAV
as of 9/30/2021
Average Annual Total Returns
as of 9/30/2021
Max Sales
1 Yr3 Yrs5 Yrs10 YrsSince
Money Market 529 Portfolio
State Street U.S. Government Money Market 5293-------0.29%-12/4/20
Fixed Income 529 Portfolios
Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities ETF 529-3.49%----3.90%0.72%-12/4/20
Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF 529--0.90%-----0.80%0.72%-12/4/20
Fidelity U.S. Bond Index 529--2.29%-----1.70%0.70%-12/4/20
PGIM Total Return Bond 529--2.08%-----1.10%1.06%-12/4/20
MetWest Total Return Bond 529--1.59%-----1.10%1.05%-12/4/20
DFA World ex U.S. Government Fixed Income 529--4.79%-----4.60%0.87%-12/4/20
U.S. Equity 529 Portfolios
American Funds The Income Fund of America® 529-8.78%----9.00%0.93%-12/4/20
State Street Equity 500 Index 529-14.47%----17.10%0.69%-12/4/20
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF 529-14.65%----16.60%0.70%-12/4/20
Dodge & Cox Stock 529-23.05%----22.80%1.19%-12/4/20
SPDR S&P Dividend ETF 529-12.42%----11.30%1.02%-12/4/20
T. Rowe Price Large-Cap Growth 529-14.78%----17.30%1.23%-12/4/20
Vanguard Extended Market ETF 529-10.31%----13.40%0.73%-12/4/20
Northern Small Cap Value 529-17.54%----19.30%1.27%-12/4/20
Vanguard Explorer 529-11.40%----17.30%1.01%-12/4/20
Non-U.S. Equity 529 Portfolios
Fidelity Total International Index 529-5.76%----8.30%0.73%-12/4/20
Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF 529-0.40%----1.10%0.77%-12/4/20
Real Estate 529 Portfolio
Vanguard Real Estate ETF 529-21.25%----22.70%0.79%-12/4/20